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Marching J & Jin's support (2nd day)

On April 2, popular group SMAP participated in the charity event held outside of Yoyogi Gym 1 in Tokyo. The event is raising money to support disaster relief in Japan. A total of 127,000 people visited the event on its second day, exceeding the 101,000 visitors of the first day.

SMAP’s Katori Shingo (34) commented, “I was reminded of how amazing Johnny’s is”. Kimura Takuya (38) was moved by the event, saying, “I’m happy that everyone came, and that they are smiling”.

Currently staying in the United States to prepare for his American debut, Akanishi Jin (26) delivered a video message projected on a giant screen on the stage. “I’m disappointed that I can’t be there with you guys. My family lives in Tokyo, and I hate that I can’t be with them right now”, he said, frowning. Then he issued a call to the crowd, saying, “Let’s come together to support our own”.

Akanishi also mentioned the event on his Twitter: “By the way thank u 2 all the ppl who attended Johnny’s charity event n japan.My apologies for only being able to be there as a video message“.

Also in Tokyo April 2 for the first day of a theater production was V6’s Inohara Yoshihiko (34), who rushed to the event before the performance to voice his support.

Sources: Sanspo, Akanishi Jin’s twitter
Credit: Tokyohive

Someone said that Nakamaru did some beatboxing and KAT-TUN sang an acapella version of perfect :) i hope someone was able record it :D
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