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Marching J attracts more than 100,000 fans on first day

Day one of the Johnny’s 3/11 disaster relief project “Marching J” on April 1 saw 55 of its talents call on tens of thousands of their fans to come together and help out for a good cause, reports Daily Sports Online, News 24, and Yomiuri Online.

It has been reported that talents including Masahiko Kondo, TOKIO, Arashi, KAT-TUN, KinKi Kids, and NEWS appeared on a stage set up in front of donation boxes at the Dai-ichi Taikukan court and talked about their ambitions for this project.

“[I want to do this] at least once a month.  And at least for a year.  I’d like to ask the media to continue showing us footage of the reconstruction going on in the disaster zones,” said Kondo.

“Each and every one of us might only be able to help out in a small way, but putting all of it together and we can help out in a big way.  I hope that all of our strength and our thoughts will help those in the disaster areas,” said Sakurai.

“I hope we can overcome this challenge together,” said Kamenashi.

More than 101,000 fans created long lines to make donations towards 3/11 disaster relief funds today, prompting the event time to be extended by another hour.

Marching J will continue on April 2 and 3 with the 100+ Johnny’s talents taking turns to come on stage.

* photo taken from NHK News.

Source: Daily sports online, News 24, Yomiuri online

Credit: Momoedgewood

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